Penco Blog 9/29/2018

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Penco is on the move again headed to Florida to do some quality audits. Stopped in to a Holiday Inn in lower Georgia to get some zzz’s. Getting geared up to jump back on the road. Steve got caught up on his work on his second job Web designing last night and sending in the close out report for our last project. While FaceTiming with the kids and his first granddaughter. She is so cute!!!

Got to get down there and clean out the tool trailer. Causes we have to pick up materials to do the audits. We finished up two strings of batteries and added them to the GPS power plants “A” & “B” software is they can monitor them Globally and locally in the BMS on the last project but we have to return week after next to replace 11 batteries on 9 floors and add 12 rectifiers and map them from a previous audit.

Penco Blog

This job has come down to the Load testing portion of the project. We have the load tester hooked to the batteries. The test for these batteries is 4 hr long and we have to take cell readings every 20 minutes.

We have to keep a record of the readings to give to the customer. I keep a copy on my server just for reference. Then once we get done with a string of batteries we hook up a rectifier to charge them back to the power plant spec. It will be charging at a hundred amps. That some times takes all night. We have a power cut All next week to lay down the batteries and be here for tech support for GE to come and bring up the GPS bays. And for Benning to the Benning rectifiers in Battery room “A” & “B” then decommission three bays. Do a close out and the next job is 17 hr away. Putting in a GPS bay and hot sliding I’ll the service over to it from the old bays. We’ll catch you next time. In the mean time keep them emails coming at Take care we’ll see you soon.


We got to the new site and they wanted the new Binning Inverter bay installed first. So that is installed and we did the power cut form 1-5 is the window on this site.

Now we’re working to get the other Benning “B” installed and running 12 “350” 1 per polarity. Now we’re ready for the power cut. We’re working on the 4 Battery strings. Sling jars now.

We got the batteries in now time to strap.

Getting ready to order in the load tester. Well I got to get back to work. You take care will talk to you next time.


Well I wasn’t able to get back before Christmas but we got Finished with Our part of the new build out. Here is a couple pictures this is how it looked when we left. The other team took it over and finished it up.

We are now on a DC project where we are tasked with the responsibility of refuseing four circuits two 400 amp and two 600 amp remove a temp GPS and moving it and reinstall it and powering it up for another BDFB all while keeping a (will known internet companies) secondary circuits live. We was ask to send pictures to the engineers. Of the GPS bays before we anchor them down.

I did not have time to modify the pictures for web view so it might take some time to download them. If I get time I will go back and try to fix them. We’re going to go in today and try to run the reference grounds and put up the cable rack and try to get 6 750’s cut and made up to run in on Monday.

We got that done now we’re waiting on the electrician to get us our AC circuits. They should be done in the morning. Then we can bring the GPS A & B up and program the controller then check the firmware update it if need be. Then turn on the secondary circuits. Well I better get on to work and post this till next time keep the emails coming. Be safe and keep working those cell phone and computers.


Hello, everyone hope everyone is doing well. We’re on another buildout site once again I can’t disclose the location or customer but I can say winter is nicer here. The team consists of 6 people here. We have 42 bays not counting the power equipment and 2 BDFB’s in the switch room. In the power room we have 5 Power bays and 4 strings of batteries. 3 tears of infrastructure and cable rack. The constitution crew has to come back and cut two cable holes in the Power room and the switch room they were over looked. We got two sizer jacks to hang threaded rode from the 16 ‘ Ceiling.

Start Pictures of the site. A week later we have a few things done.

The rack has been started. We are waiting on the 42 bays. The job is coming alone good. Looks like will be here till after Christmas and New Years. We got the rest of the ironwork in so we should be good for a while. The disconnects come in yesterday but had the wrong mounting hardware so Marc is stopping buy Home Depot to pick some up. Well I’m going to post this and hopefully another one before Christmas. Be safe fellow equipment installation manager.


Hello again everyone Shrek here Commander and chef of Pencotelecom with another blog about project (Infinity PP upgrade) will we’re nearing the end of the project. The last time I blog in we was moving the last string of batteries. There all moved and we’re down to labeling and waiting for the movers to pick up the old equipment. Here is a pick of the old PP’s waiting to be picked up.

Pictures of the old Eteck PP.

The movers are coming Monday and costumer is going to meet them so we’re are being deployed out to another project. We have some pictures of the site after we was done.

Well hate to run but got to drive all night to the next site. You all be safe out there and you can email me at or check us out on the web at


DC Power upgrade: Hello again hope everyone is doing well. As you all know already my team has been working on a GE Infinity Power board upgrade. Migrating three Eltech Power bays into two Infinity Power bays. Last night we finished the secondary power cables. Tonight we shut down and took of line the the last Eltech power bay. Now we’re moving the last two sets of batteries. We have to do a walk through with the Engineer in the morning about 10 am. We have thirty rectifiers so now the Infinity Power Plant has 3000 thousand amp capacity the plant is drawing 2034 amps. So the rectifiers are running at 68%. I well be finding out what the costumers requirements are in the morning. Well I butter back out of here for now. You all don’t forgetting to email me at . Have a good one catch ya next time. Don’t forget to like my blog or check us out at.

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Hello everyone, like to take a minute and say we at Pencotelecom are praying for all the folks trying to recover from the hurricanes and devastation. Hoping your back on your feet again soon.

Well we are well into week 5 of the Infinity Power Plant up grade. We’re on the M.O.P. Step were it tells us to move a battery string every 500 amps and bring them back on line on the new Infinity plant before migrating anymore secondary circuits. Also we have to migrate 5 more rectifiers (AC) circuits from the old DC Power plants to the new Infinity PP. this step also made us do some behind the scenes leg work to prevent the tech from being called out in the middle of the night. We had to stay up today and email the NOC it was a different team than the Call in NOC it’s in our contract that I can’t disclose that info. But I will say it was the the NOC that specializes in the type of equipment that is in this particular office. And let them know Im taking a set of batteries off line. Then wait for confirmation. They emailed back and said that they put the old power plant on maintenance mode. Got to lay down about noon. Went in about 10 pm put on the disconnect to the new set of batteries. At 12:05 am we took the old power Plant off line called the the NOC, no alarms. Then Started putting the string of batteries we moved back online. After that we went back to migrating the secondary cables on old plant 2 to the new Infinity PP. if you watch your AMP Clamp meter close you will see the amp migrating form the old DC circuit to the new one. Well I got to get this blog out and get back at it. As always keep the emails coming at great to hear from you all. Stay safe and take care.

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Hello everyone we are on week three
of the new power plant upgrade. Our help had to go to another job. So we are trying to get the remaining ac finished Jimmy & Heath helped us get the first 5 ac circuits on. Now we are trying to get the last 15 circuits on. Also we are running the secondary tails out to get ready to Barrel splice the 90+ DC circuits. There is 42 & 48v DC on this site to make things complicated there is 9 black leads going to the breakers in the old plant. The costumer has asked us to make them red to Match the others. So when we go to barrel splice them we will have to pay close attention to the Battery and return leads and not confuse them. Because of having to keep them live we can’t replace the black leads.
We usually commission the DC power plants ourself but sense its so new they ask GE to come in and commission them. Well I’m going to run. This is a blog not a book. Keep the emails coming at and don’t forget to visit us at


We started the project today of upgrading the DC power plants where we are swinging 90+ circuits and keeping them live. Three power plants into to two new Infinity M1 plants. Here's a pic of the New Power Plant.

They say it's the newest edition to GE power plants. More to come. Visit us at Penco We would like to thank Jimmy & Heath for helping us this week. Till next time be safe see ya soon.