Penco Blog 6/19/2016

Pencotelecom did a roof top site In Lawrence, MA. It was a 20 Hr project. We added two battery stings here. Thay were 3 AVR 2/95-25 L . Here is a picture of the battery’s We installed.

As you can see thay had to be crained up to us on the 4th floor. We took pictures of the roof before we started to prove what shape the roof was in before  we started. Because of the weight we had to keep the weight  on the Crain till we unloaded each jar and move them into the site. Then take the shelves in the site and reload them. 

This is what it looked like when we finished.

Penco Blog 6/13/2016

Working in a Remote site today were preping for a battery string swap out. There is normally 24 cells in a back up battery string. But this is a small remote site so it only has 12. 

This is the old set. The company has a recycling company that picks them up after we decommission them. In the maintenance window will remove the leads then the cells aka jars and stack them up for the recycling company. I will take a picture and show you the new ones after we’re done. Stay tuned…