We started the project today of upgrading the DC power plants where we are swinging 90+ circuits and keeping them live. Three power plants into to two new Infinity M1 plants. Here's a pic of the New Power Plant.

They say it's the newest edition to GE power plants. More to come. Visit us at Penco We would like to thank Jimmy & Heath for helping us this week. Till next time be safe see ya soon.



Hi from the road, Thought I would take a minute to Blog. We are upgrading 2 power plants then migrating all the circuits over to the new plants. All the circuits have to stay live. We did a project like this in New Jersey and it went good. This one is a little bigger we had 4 weeks but last week we had to do a load test. So that cut into our time table a week.

But we got some help this week so Monday we will hit the ground running. I will keep you posted. Well I'd better run love the emails keep them coming. . I'd like to thank WASE for mapping us here. You can visit us on the web at Time to jump on the ladder till next time. Be safe.