Hello, everyone hope everyone is doing well. We’re on another buildout site once again I can’t disclose the location or customer but I can say winter is nicer here. The team consists of 6 people here. We have 42 bays not counting the power equipment and 2 BDFB’s in the switch room. In the power room we have 5 Power bays and 4 strings of batteries. 3 tears of infrastructure and cable rack. The constitution crew has to come back and cut two cable holes in the Power room and the switch room they were over looked. We got two sizer jacks to hang threaded rode from the 16 ‘ Ceiling.

Start Pictures of the site. A week later we have a few things done.

The rack has been started. We are waiting on the 42 bays. The job is coming alone good. Looks like will be here till after Christmas and New Years. We got the rest of the ironwork in so we should be good for a while. The disconnects come in yesterday but had the wrong mounting hardware so Marc is stopping buy Home Depot to pick some up. Well I’m going to post this and hopefully another one before Christmas. Be safe fellow equipment installation manager.

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