Well I wasn’t able to get back before Christmas but we got Finished with Our part of the new build out. Here is a couple pictures this is how it looked when we left. The other team took it over and finished it up.

We are now on a DC project where we are tasked with the responsibility of refuseing four circuits two 400 amp and two 600 amp remove a temp GPS and moving it and reinstall it and powering it up for another BDFB all while keeping a (will known internet companies) secondary circuits live. We was ask to send pictures to the engineers. Of the GPS bays before we anchor them down.

I did not have time to modify the pictures for web view so it might take some time to download them. If I get time I will go back and try to fix them. We’re going to go in today and try to run the reference grounds and put up the cable rack and try to get 6 750’s cut and made up to run in on Monday.

We got that done now we’re waiting on the electrician to get us our AC circuits. They should be done in the morning. Then we can bring the GPS A & B up and program the controller then check the firmware update it if need be. Then turn on the secondary circuits. Well I better get on to work and post this till next time keep the emails coming. Be safe and keep working those cell phone and computers.

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