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This job has come down to the Load testing portion of the project. We have the load tester hooked to the batteries. The test for these batteries is 4 hr long and we have to take cell readings every 20 minutes.

We have to keep a record of the readings to give to the customer. I keep a copy on my server just for reference. Then once we get done with a string of batteries we hook up a rectifier to charge them back to the power plant spec. It will be charging at a hundred amps. That some times takes all night. We have a power cut All next week to lay down the batteries and be here for tech support for GE to come and bring up the GPS bays. And for Benning to the Benning rectifiers in Battery room “A” & “B” then decommission three bays. Do a close out and the next job is 17 hr away. Putting in a GPS bay and hot sliding I’ll the service over to it from the old bays. We’ll catch you next time. In the mean time keep them emails coming at Take care we’ll see you soon.


We got to the new site and they wanted the new Binning Inverter bay installed first. So that is installed and we did the power cut form 1-5 is the window on this site.

Now we’re working to get the other Benning “B” installed and running 12 “350” 1 per polarity. Now we’re ready for the power cut. We’re working on the 4 Battery strings. Sling jars now.

We got the batteries in now time to strap.

Getting ready to order in the load tester. Well I got to get back to work. You take care will talk to you next time.