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Hello everyone, like to take a minute and say we at Pencotelecom are praying for all the folks trying to recover from the hurricanes and devastation. Hoping your back on your feet again soon.

Well we are well into week 5 of the Infinity Power Plant up grade. We’re on the M.O.P. Step were it tells us to move a battery string every 500 amps and bring them back on line on the new Infinity plant before migrating anymore secondary circuits. Also we have to migrate 5 more rectifiers (AC) circuits from the old DC Power plants to the new Infinity PP. this step also made us do some behind the scenes leg work to prevent the tech from being called out in the middle of the night. We had to stay up today and email the NOC it was a different team than the Call in NOC it’s in our contract that I can’t disclose that info. But I will say it was the the NOC that specializes in the type of equipment that is in this particular office. And let them know Im taking a set of batteries off line. Then wait for confirmation. They emailed back and said that they put the old power plant on maintenance mode. Got to lay down about noon. Went in about 10 pm put on the disconnect to the new set of batteries. At 12:05 am we took the old power Plant off line called the the NOC, no alarms. Then Started putting the string of batteries we moved back online. After that we went back to migrating the secondary cables on old plant 2 to the new Infinity PP. if you watch your AMP Clamp meter close you will see the amp migrating form the old DC circuit to the new one. Well I got to get this blog out and get back at it. As always keep the emails coming at great to hear from you all. Stay safe and take care.