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Hello everyone we are on week three
of the new power plant upgrade. Our help had to go to another job. So we are trying to get the remaining ac finished Jimmy & Heath helped us get the first 5 ac circuits on. Now we are trying to get the last 15 circuits on. Also we are running the secondary tails out to get ready to Barrel splice the 90+ DC circuits. There is 42 & 48v DC on this site to make things complicated there is 9 black leads going to the breakers in the old plant. The costumer has asked us to make them red to Match the others. So when we go to barrel splice them we will have to pay close attention to the Battery and return leads and not confuse them. Because of having to keep them live we can’t replace the black leads.
We usually commission the DC power plants ourself but sense its so new they ask GE to come in and commission them. Well I’m going to run. This is a blog not a book. Keep the emails coming at and don’t forget to visit us at